It only makes sense to shine brighter than your competition right? Your web presence MUST convey it's own identity and personality... it's own VIBE. That's what we do... harness the VIBE of your business! Welcome to VIBE Web Media & Marketing.

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Inexpensively promote your business via Bluetooth to most Android phones within 100 yards!
Royaltie Gem
The Royaltie GEM
Bluetooth Proximity
Advertising Device

The Royaltie GEM proximity marketing module is a small, bluetooth-powered, 100% FCC compliant device which allows you to cheaply advertise your business to every Android phone within 100 yards!

Realtors, restaurants, coffee shops, musicians, services... The possibilities are HUGE! Imagine attending a sporting event or concert and having the ability to launch your marketing to THOUSANDS of Android user! It's lightweight (fits on a keyring) yet powerful, and boasts a 2 year battery life!

Terrific income opportunity too! Become a Royaltie GEM affiliate for free! Click Here for more information about this amazing device and program.

About VIBE

You've put forth much time and effort to build your business, bring it to life, and create a good reputation. You want it to stand out from the rest of the pack right? It's own identity, personality... it's own VIBE.

That's what we do... harness the VIBE of your business! We work closely with each client to forge your unique internet business presence, delivering a pleasant online experience for new customers. VIBE Web Media provides website development and Facebook-ready video advertising production with personality! We also offer logo design, search engine strategies and ecommerce marketing savvy.

Our critically acclaimed, media rich designs boast easy-to-use navigation with a comfortable hands-on feel. Your potential clients will love it! Contact us today!

Proximity Marketing

VIBE provides game changing solutions for effective, pinpoint marketing utilizing incredible "geofencing" technology made possible by Google. Ask us about it!

Website Design
Sizzling Website Design & Video Production

Using the great power of a custom-produced webmercial, attention getting visuals and compelling sales copy, we can create an enjoyable, media-rich environment to put you ahead of the pack!

Vibe Website Develoment
Make Your Great Impression

We can transform your website into a well-oiled marketing machine, and ultimately, create a friendly web experience that compels your new customer to request your services with peace of mind.

What They Say

"Many of our website visitors are of an older age, which includes limitations with their vision. VIBE developed our site providing BIG photos, text and very easy to use navigation. We get great feedback from our new clients thanking us for this."

— Philip Nelson | Infusion Solutions

"John and his team took my successful barbeque restaurant to an incredibly higher level. My online presence and business has surged thanks to an all-new superb website, fully produced video commercial, pinpointed social media activity and search engine optimization. I'm really thankful and we look totally pro!"

— Carl Osburn | Black Eyed Pig Barbeque

"My new company, was new to the internet, and I didn't have a clue! Thankfully VIBE was recommended by a friend and they took fantastic care of me. The website and logo are SO nice, and conveys our business perfectly. Thank you for putting me at ease."

— Carolyn Marshall | Kay's HomeCare
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Our name is VIBE... because every business possesses it's own vibration. We harness it!
Christ United Methodist
One of Our Latest Projects

Pastor Jake Steele requested plenty of power to allow visitors the ability to listen to weekly recorded sermons, a weekly blog, events calendar... and especially provisions to stream the 11am service each week on the site! This required travel to the city of Wheeling for setup and while there we also produced a compelling video promo!

  • Client: Christ United Methodist Church
  • Build: November 10, 2016
  • Location: Wheeling, WV
  • Features: Mobile friendly, LIVE Video Stream, Sermon Audio, Events Calendar, Facebook-Ready Video Promo
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